Amogh Symphony — IV (2019)

Amogh Symphony — IV (2019)

Band: Amogh Symphony
Album: IV
Year: 2019
Genre: Experimental Metal | Instrumental Metal | Avant-garde Metal
Country: International (Moscow, Russia / Mumbai, India / Lisbon, Portugal / Berlin, Germany)
 Format | Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Label: Vmbrella
 Web Page: FB | BC



1. His Master’s voice (feat.
Kasturi Nath Singh)
2. Lonely walk to Satyagraha
3. The Art of Shapeshifting
4. Everything is now — in the eye of the sun (feat. Writam Changkakoti)
5. Escher’s reality is a low hanging fruit
6. Mai bhi Joker banunga
7. Farewell Father


1. Cats can in Narnia
2. Birds (feat. Deep Saikia)
3. Enduring freedom since 1947 (feat. Sean Reinert)
4. Draining colours from the rainbow while dancing between raindrops
5. Drone-Bomb Acharya(The Bombmaker’s song)
6. Third Eye Awakening (feat. Kasturi Nath Singh) 


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