Arsis — Unwelcome (2013)


Band: Arsis
Album: Unwelcome
Year: 2013
Genre: Tecnical Death Metal | Technical Melodic Death Metal
Country: USA (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Label: Nuclear Blast


1. Unwelcome
2. Carve My Cross
3. Handbook For The Recently Deceased
4. Choking On Sand
5. Let Me Be The One
6. Sunglasses At Night
7. Martyred Or Mourning
8. No One Lies To The Dead
9. I Share In Shame
10. Scornstar
11. The Face Of My Innocence (Bonus)
12. Haunted, Fragile And Frozen (Bonus)
13. Six Coffins Wide (Bonus)
14. Veil Of Mourning Black (Bonus)
15. A Tearful Haunt, Condemned (Bonus)
16. Carve My Cross (Bonus)
17. Denied (Bonus)


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