Beneath The Massacre — Fearmonger (2020)

Beneath The Massacre — Fearmonger (2020)

Band: Beneath The Massacre
Album: Fearmonger
Year: 2020
Genre: Technical Death Metal | Deathcore
Country: Canada (Montréal, Quebec)
 Format | Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Label: Century Media Records
 Web Page: FB | BC


1. Rise of the Fearmonge
2. Hidden in Plain Sight
3. Of Gods and Machines
4. Treacherous
5. Autonomous Mind
6. Return to Medusa
7. Bottom Feeders
8. Absurd Hero
9. Flickering Light
10. Tarnished Legacy 


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  • Jeanlou Richard:

    Deathcore?! wtf have you listened to it? To call this masterpeice deathcore is an insult. I would call it Technical Brutal Death Grind or whatever the fuck I don’t care, just not deathcore lol

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