Cannabis Corpse — Left Hand Pass (2017)

Cannabis Corpse — Left Hand Pass (2017)

Band: Cannabis Corpse
Album: Left Hand Pass
Year: 2017
Genre: Death Metal
Country: United States (Richmond, Virginia)
 Format | Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Label: Season of Mist
 Web Page: FB | BC


1. The 420th Crusade
2. In Dank Purity
3. Final Exhalation
4. Chronic Breed
5. In Battle There Is No Pot
6. Grass Obliteration
7. Left Hand Pass
8. Effigy Of The Forgetful
9. Papyrus Containing The Spell To Protect Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Bong Water
10. The Fiends That Come To Steal The Weed Of The Deceased 



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