Cattle Decapitation — Human Jerky (1999)

Cattle Decapitation - Human Jerky (1999)

Band: Cattle Decapitation
Album: Human Jerky
Year: 1999
Genre: Technical Grindcore
Country: United States (San Diego, California)
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Satan’s Pimp Records


1. Cloned For Carrion
2. Parasitic Infestation (Extracted Pus, Mistaken For Yogurt, And Gargled)
3. Unclogged And Ready For Spewage
4. Gestation Of Smegma
5. Mute Rain
6. Flesh-Eating Disease (Flu-Like Symptoms Of E-Coli With Complete Digestive Shutdown)
7. The Decapitation Of Cattle
8. Constipation Camp
9. Intro To Carnage
10. Cream Of The Crop
11. Mad Cow Conspiracy (Bloated Bovine-Home To Flies And Anthrax Spores)
12. Veal And The Cult Of Torture
13. Stench From The Dumpster
14. Body Snatcher (Viscera Intact-Ripe For Devourment)
15. Roadkill Removal Technician
16. Bovine, Swine, And Human-Rinds
17. Bludgeoned, Beaten, And Barbequed
18. Colon-Blo



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