Cephalectomy — An Epitaph To Tranquility (2009)

Cephalectomy - An Epitaph To Tranquility (2009)

Band: Cephalectomy
Album: An Epitaph To Tranquility
Year: 2009
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal | Experimental Death Metal
Country: Canada (Truro, Nova Scotia)
 Format | Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Label: Discorporate Music
 Web Page: FB


1. The Obliterating Swarm
2. The Splintered Pupil
3. A Submergence of Will
4. The Accumulated Conscious
5. Feast of the Saints
6. Tide of Substance
7. For our Fetid Fathers
8. Freedom of the Enlightened
9. The Urchin Peel
10. Architect of Abomination
11. The Sons of Tellervo
12. A Loathsome Ceremony 



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