Disassembled — Portals To Decimation (2018)

Disassembled — Portals To Decimation (2018)

Band: Disassembled
Album: Portals To Decimation
Year: 2018
Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Country: Portugal (Lisbon)
 Format | Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Label: Self-Released
 Web Page: FB | BC


1. The Cosmogonic Rise
2. Hand Of Doom
3. Route To Eden
4. Astral Karma
5. Vessel To Utopia
6. Decode 144
7. Ecce Calamitas
8. Traveller Of Deceit
9. Revelations 


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  • John:

    Eyes and ears wide open for this one. Portuguese metal masterpiece has come out. Disassembled goes far beyond the standards and, as a distinguished representative of 2 generations of bands and musicians, showcases a consistent and historical metal album. «Portals to Decimation» truly is an international hit, comparable to some of the most well known classics. A full package of influences can be found throughout the 9 tracks, such as «Death» and «Dream Theater» in «Route to Eden», the merciless power of «Cannibal Corpse» in «Decode 144» and «Ecce Calamitas», among many others. Professional production, technical structures, melodic sequences and artwork are other key factors that contribute to a high quality debut. It surely is a honour and a responsibility to the Portuguese metal community to spread the word and ensure that this phenomenal work gets its deserved recognition. All credits go to Samuel Trindade and his band mates. Nothing was forgotten nor left behind in this memorable piece. «Portals to Decimation» will be referred as a true example of dedication and persistency, thus it has been risen to the challenge — made in Portugal.

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