Foray Between Ocean — As Serenity Drowned (2019)

Foray Between Ocean — As Serenity Drowned (2019)

Band: Foray Between Ocean
Album: As Serenity Drowned
Year: 2019
Genre: Progressive Death Metal | Groove Metal | Symphonic Death Metal
Country: Greece (Athens, Attica)
 Format | Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Label: Miasma Records
 Web Page: FB | BC


1. The Prelude of Black
2. Exhumation of My Misery’s Uncorrupted Remains
3. Visions of an Epileptic Eye
4. Under a Thousamd Scars
5. Glance of the Eyeless
6. Deep Inside the Void
7. Katavasis (The Fall of Man)
8. World of Flesh and Teeth
9. Where Forever Dies
10. Beyond the Sea of Absence 



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