Hateful — Coils Of A Consumed Paradise (2010)

Hateful - Coils Of A Consumed Paradise (2010)

Band: Hateful
Album: Coils Of A Consumed Paradise
Year: 2010
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Country: Italy (Modena, Emilia-Romagna)
Bitrate: 209 kbps
Label: Horrors Of Yuggoth


1. Painting The Abyss
2. Annihilate The Flesh
3. Every Impulse Eradicated
4. Chiseled In Our Flesh
5. Built On Nothingness
6. The Dawn Of Clarity
7. Zenith Of Despair
8. Last Days Of Heaven
9. Piercing Through Shadows (Inception)
10. Crimson Legacy
11. Piercing Through Shadows (The Descent)
12. Ocular Devourment
13. Piercing Through Shadows (Mortal Embrace)


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