Internal Suffering — Chaotic Matrix (2002)


Band: Internal Suffering
Album: Chaotic Matrix
Year: 2002
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Country: Spain (Madrid)
Format | Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Label: Displeased Records
Web Page: FB | BC


1. The Unfolded Conquest of the Universe (Intro)
2. Chaotic Matrix (Prelude I — Onward to Termination)
3. Colossal Vortex (Prelude II — Phenomenal Spectrum)
4. Lurking Monstrosity (Prelude III — Ancient Oceans Dweller)
5. Cosmic Ancient Mountain (Upcoming Chaos I — The Tree of Knowledge)
6. Reborn in Victory (Upcoming Chaos II — The Unholy Manuscript)
7. Cataclysmic Origin (Upcoming Chaos III — Unleashed Astral Chaos)
8. Vatican Bombardment (Upcoming Hecatomb I — Dominion of the Xul)
9. Destroyer Entity (Upcoming Hecatomb II — Center of Destruction)
10. The Antiquary Horror (Interlude — At the Edge of Madness)
11. Decapitation of the Weak (Upcoming Hecatomb III — Arrival of the Highest Hierarchy)



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