Jeff Hughell — Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations (2015)

Jeff Hughell - Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations (2015)

Band: Jeff Hughell
Album: Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations
Year: 2015
Genre: Progressive Metal | Technical Metal | Instrumental Metal
Country: United States
Format | Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Label: Self-Released
Web Page: FB


1. Burn The Soul (Feat. Marc Gilson, Hannes Grossmann & Dominic Lapointe)
2. Relief (Feat. Mike Blanchard, Matthew Kourie & Kevin Brandon)
3. Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations (Feat. Hannes Grossmann & Allan Marcus)
4. Brief Lapse Of Clarity
5. The Crown Won’t Cool It Down (Feat. Hannes Grossmann)
6. The Other Side (Feat. Mike Blanchard, Jaron E. Vile, Mark Michell & Per Nilsson)



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