Megazetor — Sandstorm In An Hourglass (2013)

Megazetor - Sandstorm In An Hourglass (2013)

Band: Megazetor
Album: Sandstorm In An Hourglass
Year: 2013
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Country: Hungary
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Label: Self-Released


1. Sandstorm
2. Second
3. Healing Process
4. Reconstruction
5. Halfway There
6. Traitor Of Absence (Live In Preili)
7. Dying Process (Live In Preili)
8. Mastodon – Blood And Thunder (Mastodon Cover, Live In Preili)
9. Interform (DJ Baxxter RMX)
10. Dying Process (Tranquil remix)


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