Mindly Rotten — The Most Exquisite Agonies (2005)

Mindly Rotten - The Most Exquisite Agonies (2005)

Band: Mindly Rotten
Album: The Most Exquisite Agonies
Year: 2005
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Country: Colombia (Armenia)
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Label: Grind Syndrome Records


1. Animal Faith
2. Theater of Torture and Agony (The Most Exquisite Agonies)
3. Butchery’s Fields (Let the Bastards Kill Themselves)
4. The Humanity’s Fall
5. Immersed on Chaos
6. Old Iniquity
7. Mindly Rotten
8. Evolution’s Endless Struggle
9. On the Supreme Legions (Against Falling Humanity)
10. Blood’s Taste

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