Slice The Cake — Odyssey To The West (2016)


Band: Slice The Cake
Album: Odyssey To The West
Year: 2016
Genre: Progressive Deathcore
Country: International
Format | Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Label: Subliminal Groove Records
Web Page: FB | BC


1. The Exile Part I — The Razor’s Edge
2. The Exile Part II — The City Of Destruction
3. Stone And Silver Part I — The Mountains Of Man
4. Stone And Silver Part II — The Horned God
5. Stone And Silver Part III — The Man Of Papyrus Limbs
6. Westward Bound Part I — The Lantern
7. Westward Bound Part II — The Pilgrim’s Progress
8. Castle In The Sky Part II — Pieces Of Ruins
9. Unending Waltz
10. Ash And Rust Part I — From Shell To Shell
11. Ash And Rust Part II — The Dark Carnival
12. Ash And Rust Part III — The Torn Thread
13. Ash And Rust Part IV — Nameless, Faceless
14. Destiny’s Fool
15. The Holy Mountain



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