Записи с меткой ‘Crimson Massacre’

Crimson Massacre — The Luster Of Pandemonium (2005)


Band: Crimson Massacre
Album: The Luster Of Pandemonium
Year: 2005
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Country: USA (Tampa, Florida)
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Label: Deathgasm Records


1. Catalyst’s Tongue
2. Conquest
3. The Devourer
4. Epoch
5. The Hyperborean’s Epitaph
6. Redemption
7. The Luster of Pandemonium
8. Sacrifice
9. Of Perverted Hope and Fragmented Suffering



Crimson Massacre — Temple Of Gore (2003)


Band: Crimson Massacre
Album: Temple Of Gore
Year: 2003
Genre: Technical Black Metal
Country: USA (Tampa, Florida)
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Label: Self-Released


1. A Midwinter Dream
2. Eve’s Sin
3. In Flames
4. Morbid Instinct
5. Blinded By Fear
6. The Forest of Lost Souls
7. Enslaved On the Throne of Chaos
8. Temple of Gore
9. Hill of Skulls
10. I Am the Black Wizards (Emperor cover)
11. Majestic Fields of Sorrow
12. Hill of Skulls (live)
13. The Forest of Lost Souls (live)