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Scholomance — The Immortality Murder (2002)

Scholomance — The Immortality Murder (2002)

Band: Scholomance
Album: The Immortality Murder
Year: 2002
Genre: Technical Death Metal | Progressive Metal | Symphonic
Country: United States (Willard, Missouri)
 Format | Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Label: The End Records
 Web Page: BC


1. Part I: Absence/Contorted Porcelain-Faced Bitch
2. Part II: Childless One/The Body as Sulfur Stench
3. Part III: Matriarch
4. Part IV: Her Iniquity Uncovered/The Eastern Trinity Unexplained
5. Virus (The Theft of Knowledge)
6. Companionship and Philosophical Fire (The Third)
7. Bedevilment and Bewilderment (Reality Greets the Moral Whore)
8. The Next Step (For the Sake of the Greater Whole)
9. Bonus: Replacement
10. Bonus: The Next Step (instrumental)
11. Bonus: Nothing is for or About You
12. Bonus: Absence (instrumental)
13. Bonus: As If I Were Beautiful
14. Bonus: Childless One (instrumental)
15. Bonus: And Yet We Were Dead
16. Bonus: Matriarch (instrumental)
17. Bonus: How Familiar I Am
18. Bonus: A Riddle
19. Bonus: Her Iniquity Uncovered (instrumental)
20. Bonus: Additions 


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