The Greatness Design — Pillars Of Creation (2013)

The Greatness Design - Pillars of Creation (2013)

Band: The Greatness Design
Album: Pillars Of Creation
Year: 2013
Genre: Technical Melodic Death Metal | Technical Metalcore
Country: Mexico (Pachuca, Hidalgo)
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Label: Self-Released


1. Enlighten Our Kind
2. The Sprawling Empire
3. A Worldview Arises
4. Trouble Times
5. Redefine This Course
6. Brightest Point (Feat. Adrián Terrazas-González)
7. Silent Exposure
8. The Grim Agreement
9. Decrease Humanity
10. Restore Our Kingdom
11. The New Path
12. Upon the Empty Surface



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