The Schoenberg Automaton — Vela (2013)

The Schoenberg Automaton - Vela (2013)

Band: The Schoenberg Automaton
Album: Vela
Year: 2013
Genre: Technical Deathcore
Country: Australia (Brisbane, Queensland)
Bitrate: 290 kbps
Label: Myriad Records


1. A Stone Face Of Piety
2. All Roads Lead To Rome
3. The Woodhouse Sakati Syndrome
4. Ghost Of Mirach
5. Pineapple Juice And The Tough Stuffed Olive
6. Stopping A God Mid-Sentence
7. Arecibo
8. Where Are We, In A Cube?
9. The Worm Engine
10. Ultimatewhirringendmachine


Download (Yadi.Sk) 

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