Thormenthor — Abstract Divinity (1994)

Thormenthor — Abstract Diviniy (1994)

Band: Thormenthor
Album: Abstract Divinity
Year: 1994
Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Country: Portugal (Almada, Setúbal)
 Format | Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Label: Morgana Records
 Web Page: FB


1. Abstract Divinity
2. The Proportional Dream
3. Encircled By Aura Sphere
4. Nothing Expanded
5. Imaginary Landscape
6. Aesthetic Blight
7. Nebula
8. Inaccessible Art
9. Karma’s Retribution 



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  • Paulo:

    No portuguese metal band achieved untill this day what the extinct Thormenthor did with this album back in the days.It’s bold,strange,technical,beautiful,unique.Death metal fusion with jazz and some quasi-Industrial ambiences sometimes made by the best of the best.A MASTERPIECE!
    The only bad thing is that it was badly masterized and you may need to increase the volume to maximum.

  • Paulo:

    I think the first song is missing

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