Unreal Overflows — Architecture Of Incomprehension (2006)

2Band: Unreal Overflows
Album: Architecture Of Incomprehension
Year: 2006
Genre: Technical Death Metal | Progressive Death Metal
Country: Spain (Pontevedra, Galicia)
 Format | Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Label: Xtreem Music
 Web Page: FB


1. Paths to the Human Involution
2. The Unavoidable Passage of Time
3. Crematory of Forgotten Cries
4. Breeders of Credibility
5. Unexpected Dimensions
6. What to Do When…
7. Is There Anybody Outside?
8. Psycho-Thought
9. Pain of an Afflicted Soul
10. In Darkness I Dwell 2005
11. Under the Quiet Silence 



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