Best Technical Death Metal Albums Of 2017

Best Technical Death Metal Albums Of 2017

💥Best Technical Death Metal Albums Of 2017:

1. Archspire — Relentless Mutation (2017)

2. Cytotoxin — Gammageddon (2017)

3. Decrepit Birth — Axis Mundi (2017)

4. Artificial Brain — Infrared Horizon (2017)

5. The Faceless — In Becoming A Ghost (2017)

6. Ne Obliviscaris — Urn (2017)

7. Beneath — Ephemeris (2017)

8. Fractal Universe — Engram Of Decline (2017)

🤘🏻Best New Band Of 2017:

1. Dark Matter Secret

2. Sutrah

3. Blasteroid

4. The Last Of Lucy

5. Carrion Vael

6. Virulent Depravity

😟Disappointment Of 2017:

1. Origin — Unparalleled Universe (2017)

2. Rings Of Saturn — Ultu Ulla (2017)

3. Decapitated — Anticult (2017)

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  • anon user:

    archspire’s album is good enough to shame the rest of those posted. it’s technical as fuck without sacrificing musicality.

  • Musso:

    Agreed. That, plus Cytotoxin were my top 2 and they thought so too.

  • bobbysu:

    thank you so much

  • Attila:

    No Dying Fetus?

  • Y H:

    Bit of a biased compilation, and inaccurate. Not sure how The Faceless’s poorly mastered, nearly completely new membered album is ranked as a best with Ultu Ulla which tried a new but successful direction is a ‘disappointment’. I know opinion is not fact but I have a suspicion Rings of Saturn was better received than the Faceless. The inaccuracy is The Last of Lucy, they have a decent amount of music predating their 2017 release.

  • chillie:

    Archspire ravages earbuds quite nicely along with Infrared Horizon (Articifial Brain) and thanks to the list i have been introduced to Cytotoxin! Deepest thanks for this post.

  • Merlin:

    Ne Obliviscaris isn’t even a little Technical Death. Decapitated is great for gym but shouldnt be on list isnt TDM anymore. WTF

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