Cenotaph — Puked Genital Purulency (1999)


Band: Cenotaph
Album: Puked Genital Purulency
Year: 1999
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Country: Turkey (Ankara)
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Label: Hammer Müzik Records


1. Mutilated Genitalia in Lack of Resurrection Under Effective Punch
Intro: Lateral Knife Cut Sufficies My Ingenual Egotism About Goreopsy
2. Superimposed Guttural Vociferations of Ulceric Anal Turgor
Intro: Color, Odor And Taste Of Purulent Flesh From Necrophiliac Point Of View
3. Paralysed, Clitoridectamimized, Spreadeagled, Molested Cadaver
Intro: Preliminary Design Of Severe Edged Accelerated Double Headed Bloody Vaginal Vibrator
4. Multipurpose Utilization from Lustly Shredded Scummy Vaginal Discharge
Intro: Natural Corpsegrinder’s Fetish Of Perished Hermaphrodite
5. Verbalized Opinions About Intravaginal Umbilical Corded Fetus in Uterus
Intro: 44100 Megahertz Of Homoepathic Psychodelic Insidious Requiem
6. Sickened by His Own Pathologic Fancy of Collecting Ingots of Humanial Meat
Intro: Hardly Driven Broken Glass Flask’s Pullout Resistance Exerted On Genital Tissue
7. Ex-Feminine Promiscuous Masculine’s Solidified Klitoris Swallowed by Vermins in Coffins



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