Decimation — Reign Of Ungodly Creation (2014)


Band: Decimation
Album: Reign Of Ungodly Creation
Year: 2014
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Country: Turkey (Ankara)
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Label: Comatose Music


1. Noncelestical Orisons Cataclised In The Passage Of Ninib
2. Supreme Wisdom Of Blasphemy In The Reign Of Ungodly Creation
3. Mystic Transformation In Encrypted Scrolls Of A Grievous Sermon
4. Aberrant Ablution By Filthy Excrements Of A Grotesque Crassamentum
5. Psalm Carnage In The Ghoulish Chapel Of Gehenna
6. Ghoulish Requiem For A Macabre Daemonarch
7. Prophetic Despise Under The Pendulum Of A Sacrilegious Throne
8. Devilish Domain Vortex In The Gloom Of Wicked Ziggurat
9. Veracity In Relics



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